Understanding Anxiety: Supporting Anxious Children in the Classroom and Beyond

The Summit School will be hosting - Understanding Anxiety: Supporting Children in the Classroom and Beyond. With up to one in four children struggling with anxiety the topic is timely and relevant. Parents, educators, counselor, tutors, specialists – those in the home, classroom, clinic and/or community who want more information about understanding and supporting anxious children will benefit from this conference.  Attendees will learn about the neuroscience of anxiety, as well as, easy-to-implement tools and strategies for reducing anxiety and increasing self-regulation. Speakers include William R. Stixrud, Ph.D., a clinical neuropsychologist and Jessica Minahan, a board-certified behavior analyst, special educator and author. This conference is open to the public and addresses anxiety in school aged children – elementary through high school. The Understanding Anxiety conference will be on Saturday, April 14, 2018 from 8:00 am – 3:30 pm at The Summit School, 664 East Central Avenue East, Edgewater, MD for more information or to register click here. LEARN MORE   DOWNLOAD THE BROCHURE   Conference will cover: The impact of anxiety on behavior and learning Underdeveloped skills associated with anxiety Why some students seek negative attention 10 questions to ask prior to prescribing a strategy or an intervention Why breaks may not be helpful Dissecting transitions to reduce oppositional behavior Teaching students self-regulation Reducing negative thinking towards writing Shifting reinforcement systems to increase skill development Conference participants will be able to: List common antecedents for students with anxiety Enumerate strategies to promote initiation, persistence, and help-seeking skills, in students with work avoidance Identify why common teacher practices and interventions may not always work for students with anxiety-related behavior Describe classroom friendly self-monitoring strategies List strategies for reducing negative thinking toward writing