Our Values

The psychologists, support staff and administrators all subscribe to the following fundamental principles:


Everyone is always doing the best they can.

We strive for order, balance and simplicity because orderliness is the basis of success.

Happiness is a choice and we increasingly choose happiness.

Success is measured in terms of happiness, health and love.

About Us

The Stixrud Group is a group of neuropsychologists and clinical psychologists who specialize in the evaluation of children, adolescents and adults with learning, attention, social or emotional difficulties. We are committed to the alleviation of suffering for our clients and their families by removing any blocks to their experiencing happiness and fulfillment in life. We believe this is accomplished by helping our clients understand themselves. Our goal is to use our professional knowledge and skills to help people achieve educational and professional success, emotional healing and interpersonal harmony in their relationships.

As a group we understand that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. We nourish wholeness by nourishing our sense of community and honoring the individual parts that create the whole. We honor differences in opinion as a key to creativity in the practice. While each individual psychologist has his/her own style, we are also able to benefit from a varied skill and interest set that each individual brings to the group.  We meet together monthly for discussion and presentations often by the leading researchers and clinicians in the Washington metro area; we also have the benefit of informal peer mentoring on a daily basis.  We believe that this dynamic interplay allows us to stay at the “cutting edge” of our field.

The Primary Components of the Stixrud Practice:

Thorough evaluation of cognitive, academic, and social/emotional functioning. Specialized programs are available for the evaluation of young children, adopted children, and youngsters with autism spectrum disorders.

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Our neuropsychological evaluations are always determined by a client’s needs and particular problems. Our Clinical Care Managers will often consult with our neuropsychologists, to determine what type of evaluation is needed.

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Helping families navigate pathways from early childhood through young adulthood.

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Lecture series; speaker’s bureau, consultations and in-service training, and coming soon video and web-based instruction.

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