COVID-19 Company Update

We want to bring you up-to-date on the activities of the Stixrud Group. Even though our offices are closed, we are not! Telemedicine is an evolving way for us to continue to offer services and help children, families, and adults. For clients who already are scheduled for evaluations, we are able to conduct preliminary interviews by telephone or teleconference, and we are trying to use those sessions as a way to also give some initial support to individuals and families whose assessments must be delayed. We will be directly contacting families as their scheduled appointments approach to work out ways to “get a running start” on your evaluations! We also are hearing from friends and clients about how stressful the current situation is and about just how hard unexpected homeschooling can be. The Stixrud Group is now offering teleconference consultations, which can focus on increasing understanding and developing practical ideas to help individuals and families cope with all of these issues. You can schedule a consultation by calling our main number (301-565-0534). Feel free to tell your friends and neighbors about us! Finally, we are able to conduct evaluations by teleconference within a limited scope. Assessments which focus on emotional functioning and/or social cognition are particularly appropriate for this approach, and can be scheduled and completed quickly. We also are looking into ways to conduct other parts of our assessments remotely, so stay tuned, and follow us on the web or on our Facebook page.

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Dr. Robb Mapou Interviewed on Local News

A board-certified clinical neuropsychologist who has been with The Stixrud Group since 1993. He evaluates adolescents, adults, and seniors for learning disabilities, ADHD, and range of neurological conditions, including concussion, dementia, stroke, severe traumatic brain injury, and epilepsy. View Profile What: Dr. Robb Mapou was recently interviewed by Andrea Roane (WUSA, Channel 9 news) for a segment about ADHD in children, during which he refutes a “local expert’s” view that ADHD does not exist.  To see the interview, click here.

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Dr. Robb Mapou Published In November APA Monitor on Psychology

What: Dr. Robb Mapou had a letter published on the subject of the availability of accommodations for college students. His letter can be read in full here: This article was a response to a letter published in the September edition about the high level of stress many college students experience. This letter can be read in full here:

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