Autism Spectrum Evaluation

This is a specialized evaluation to assess for a possible autism–spectrum disorder and/or to evaluate children / adolescents who have already been diagnosed on the spectrum. This type of evaluation is appropriate for young children, adolescents and adults who exhibit difficulties with social development, communication / language, and/or behavioral difficulties including rigid / inflexible behaviors.

This evaluation provides differential diagnosis of autism spectrum disorders. In addition, and for individuals who have already been diagnosed on the spectrum, this evaluation provides a comprehensive assessment of the individual’s cognitive and social/emotional strengths and weaknesses. This information is then used to generate a comprehensive treatment plan, including recommendations for school / educational and behavioral interventions. Recommendations are also provided to support the individual’s social development, based on his/her developmental history and present levels of functioning. This comprehensive evaluation includes the following:

  • An extensive parent interview that includes a detailed review of the individual’s developmental, medical, and educational histories, as well as extensive review of social, emotional, and behavioral development.
  • The standard neuropsychological evaluation, as detailed above
  • Assessment of social cognition (the ability to understand socially relevant information) and social functioning

As with the standard neuropsychological evaluation, a two-hour parent feedback session is scheduled to discuss the evaluation results and recommendations approximately one week after testing is completed. A detailed written evaluation report is mailed to the client within approximately four to six weeks. This written report summarizes the evaluation findings and recommendations.

Lastly, the neuropsychologist is available to conduct an additional feedback meeting with the child in order to discuss the results and recommendations with him/her. A neuropsychologist and a clinical assistant will complete this evaluation. The first appointment will be the parent interview with the neuropsychologist. After this, the individual will come in for testing— first with the neuropsychologist, and then with the clinical assistant. The neuropsychologist will then conduct the feedback session with the parents (and the child if requested) and prepare the written report.


Contact and Location

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