Dr. Meaghan R.Doyle

Dr. Meaghan R. Doyle

Licensed Psychologist

One universal truth among parents is that we love our kids and want the best for them. As the mother of premature twins, I can relate to the worry and fear that arise when everything doesn’t go “according to plan.” Parenting is hard enough in the best of circumstances and seeing your child struggle (academically, behaviorally, socially, etc.) is difficult and sometimes gut wrenching. Whatever the challenges your child is coping with, together, we will figure it out.

For me, an evaluation is about more than an accurate diagnosis. It’s a collaborative and meaningful experience for the whole family. By the end of the process, families will have a better understanding of which strengths to champion, which vulnerabilities to accommodate, and which types of environments will nurture your child’s unique talents and skills and allow them to thrive. Together, we will create a new plan that will best enable your child to reach their potential.

I love the work I do and, as a result, have a variety of clinical interests such as the interplay and impact of attention, learning/challenges and mental health issues on academic, social, and intrapersonal functioning. I am also interested in social skill development, personality assessment, disability identity development and acceptance, vocational rehabilitation, and