The Neuropsychological Evaluation

The Neuropsychological Evaluation takes approximately eight hours (conducted in one or two sessions, depending on age and stamina) and includes the following testing categories:

  • Intellectual abilities testing.
  • Educational achievement testing.
  • Neuropsychological test battery — Testing in the areas of attentional functioning, organizational skills, motor skills, sensory-perceptual functioning, receptive and expressive language abilities, visual-perceptual and visuo-constructive abilities, reasoning and problem-solving abilities, learning and memory.
  • Personality screening to assess personality style, current coping skills, emotional state and well-being.

Approximately one week after testing has been completed, an interpretive conference is scheduled to discuss test results and recommendations. The interpretive conference is scheduled for approximately two hours. A detailed evaluation report summarizing the test results and recommendations is mailed to the client (and to any professionals the client would like to receive the report) four to six weeks after the interpretive conference. Note: If this was an evaluation for your child and s/he is at least ten years old, you are encouraged to schedule a follow-up meeting. Your child and the psychologist will discuss the test results and recommendations and the psychologist will answer any questions your child may have.

A psychologist and a clinical assistant will complete the evaluation. The doctor with whom you are scheduled will complete an initial interview on the first day of the evaluation, participate in a portion of the evaluation process, conduct the interpretive conference, and prepare the written report.

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