Adoption Sensitive Evaluation and Support Services (A.S.E.S.S.)

A.S.E.S.S. is a comprehensive evaluation program for adopted children and adolescents who are experiencing academic, social, and/or emotional difficulties. It combines our expertise in neuropsychological assessment with the understanding of — and experience with — adopted children possessed by the staff at the Center for Adoption Support and Education (C.A.S.E.). We have found that we are able to be much more helpful to adoptive families when we combine a thorough neuropsychological assessment with a sensitive evaluation of a child’s understanding of the adoption process and his/her role in the family.

As a result, prior to or following neuropsychological testing in our office, the child and his/her parents are interviewed by a professional from C.A.S.E. We then integrate our findings, which we present to the parents in an interpretive conference, attended by our neuropsychologist and an adoption specialist from C.A.S.E. Following this conference, a feedback meeting is scheduled with the child in order to help the child better understand himself/herself. Professionals from our office and/or from C.A.S.E. are then available to serve as advocates for the child and the family, e.g. at school meetings held to determine the services a child might need to be successful in school.

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