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Developing Pathways from Early Childhood through Young Adulthood

Our Mission
What We Believe
What We Provide
Who We Are
Why We Were Founded

Our Mission

“Our mission is to partner with families to develop safe, supportive environments at home and at school that optimize their students’ educational experiences and improve the well-being of the whole family.”

What We Believe

We believe in providing optimism, objectivity, and a collaborative work ethic in helping parents and students navigate their relationships with teachers, tutors, therapists, and other resources.

We believe that the maximum benefit of a neuropsychological evaluation is recognized through careful implementation of its recommendations in school and at home.

We believe in helping parents and students make use of the most current research findings in brain science, learning disorders, and educational strategies.

We believe that when individuals feel safe and supported, they function in an optimal way.

What We Provide

Recommending and Overseeing School Placement

  • Determining best school fit socially, emotionally, and academically for a child
  • Functioning as an educational liaison with schools

Implementing and Reviewing Neuropsychological Evaluations

  • Putting initial evaluations into motion
  • Discussing children’s needs with the psychologist who evaluates them
  • Prioritizing and implementing recommendations
  • Supporting Transitions
  • Planning successful transitions: from pre-school  to elementary, elementary  to middle, middle to high school, and high school to college
  • Finding alternative options for post-high school and gap years, procuring work experience, and coaching for work.

Guidance for Parents and Families

  • Helping families gain an integrated perspective on children’s learning, social, and emotional needs
  • Providing help with implementing effective homework strategies as well as linking children up with productive tutoring resources
  • Helping establish a week night routine and sleep  hygiene
  • Supporting and providing guidance to home schooling families

Navigating Early Childhood

  • Determining early if a child is in a typical or atypical developmental pattern
  • Working with preschool teachers on understanding the particular needs of the child
  • Helping parents decide whether a neuropsychological evaluation is needed and when
  • Exploring Kindergarten readiness

Who We Are

Starr Stixrud

Contact: starr@stixrud.com
Starr’s Lecture Topics
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Starr Stixrud, M.Ed., has thirty years of experience helping families and students in classroom and home environments.  She served as Administrative Director of neuropsychological evaluation practice The Stixrud  Group since 1990, after a 15 year career in early childhood education. During her career in education, she was a classroom teacher, provided extensive staff training, and led weekly parent education seminars.
Starr formed Stixrud Educational Consulting (SEC)  because of her interest in providing guidance to families in preparing  pathways for their children’s journey from childhood to adulthood.

Starr received a M.Ed. in Early Childhood Special Education from the University of Washington, as well as a Specialist Certification in Early Childhood Education from the Institute of Childhood Development at the University of Minnesota.

Martha Ein

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Contact: mein@stixrud.com

Martha Ein, M.Ed., has been an  educator in the Washington, DC area for over 20 years. She began her career as a classroom teacher in the independent school community and continued by administering educational diagnostic testing at the Kingsbury Center. Most recently, Martha served as Director of  Learning Specialists at the McLean School of Maryland, an independent school committed to making education accessible to a wide range of learners.  Martha has been a guest speaker at many parent educational seminars discussing executive function, technology, and homework.  She also collaborated with William Stixrud, Ph.D. in developing the “Strategies that Work: Tutor Training Program.”  In addition to her role as an educational consultant, Martha is also the Director of Tutoring Services for the Stixrud Group.

Martha earned a B.A. in Elementary/Special Education and M.Ed. in Special Education from American University in Washington, DC.


Why We Were Founded

Raising children challenges most parents with a variety of questions and decisions making for which there are often no obvious answers or solutions.  Parents of children with learning or  social vulnerabilities are faced with particularly perplexing and complex situations and might find that many of the solutions that might work for most are not ideal for their children. Our objective is to assist all families in creating and sustaining life affirming change.

SEC is an affiliate of The Stixrud Group, an evaluation practice. This enables us to regularly collaborate with skilled and experienced psychologists, combining a unique educational and neuropsychological perspective to our work.

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