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INPSYDER Spotlight: Dr. Robb Mapou

Dr. Robb Mapou, PhD

Dr. Robb Mapou has been in practice for thirty years, twenty-eight out of the thirty in Maryland. He was board certified in clinical neuropsychology in 1992. Currently, he is the Director of Adult Neuropsychology at the Stixrud Group, in Silver Spring, where he’s practiced since 1993. The practice specializes in the evaluation of developmental disorders across the lifespan. Specializing in assessment of learning disabilities and ADHD in teenagers and adults, Dr. Mapou also sees clients with other neurological, psychiatric, and developmental issues, from age 12 to 100.
When asked what he likes most about his profession, Dr. Mapou points to a common theme many psychologists strive for, making a difference. He enjoys knowing that his assessments can make a difference for people, in terms of understanding why they have struggled in aspects of their life (e.g., school, work, achieving independence). He can then make recommendations for helping them be more successful. It is gratifying when given the opportunity to hear back from clients about their successes.
When he’s not spending time with patients, Dr. Mapou also enjoys writing and presenting workshops about assessment of adults with learning disabilities and ADHD, to help clinicians make their assessments evidence-based and consistent with documentation requirements for schools and universities.

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